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Month: August 2019

Big Shoals State Park

Explore Big Shoals State Park

By: Kyle Grammatica Big Shoals State Park is another example of Florida’s countless wonders. The contrast between the tranquil flow of the Suwannee River and the powerful whipping water of Big Shoals rapids showcases the power and beauty of nature. Ancient geology, 80 ft. limestone bluffs, and the remains of human settlements are found throughout […]

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Florida palm trees against blue sky

Florida’s Palms Under Threat

By: Kyle Grammatica When you picture Florida, you likely see waves rolling onto soft sand, birds chirping in the woods, and turtles quietly poking their heads out of the water. All of these serene images would be incomplete without our state’s most iconic tree: the palm tree. But a lethal disease is threatening palm trees […]

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Woman holding Eastern Indigo Snake

Species Spotlight: The Eastern Indigo Snake

The eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) is the longest native snake in the United States. Adults are typically 60-84 inches (152-213 cm), but the longest eastern indigo reached 110.4 in. Male snakes grow longer than females. They are a shiny blueish-black color with some red or orange scales around their chins and sides of face. […]

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People in water helping beached Pilot Whale

Why Do Whales Beach Themselves?

By: Kyle Grammatica Thanks to the hard work of professionals and volunteers, all the pilot whales from the July mass stranding on Redington Beach, Florida were saved. When these mass strandings occur, we wonder why. While whale beachings are still not fully understood, there is research that helps us understand some of the causes. Why […]

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Three men building pier railing

Suncoast Pier Completion Marks Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s 200th Work Boots on the Ground Project

Spring Hill, TN (August 14, 2019) — The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) celebrated the completion of its 200th Work Boots on the Ground (WBG) project this week as union volunteers put the final touches on a new wheelchair-accessible boardwalk and fishing pier at the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center (SYCC) in Apollo Beach, Florida. The multi-year, […]

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