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Month: January 2020

A Night For Nature Logo

Foundation Honors Two Conservation Icons

By: Kyle Grammatica The Foundation’s annual gala A Night for Nature is fast approaching! This year’s event honors two conservation icons: Paul Tudor Jones and Jack Nicklaus. Paul Tudor Jones has been a giant in conservation for over three decades, focusing particularly on Florida. Along with George Barley, Jones founded the Everglades Foundation in 1995 […]

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Palms & Trees Osceola National Forest

Florida’s Smallest National Forest

By: Kyle Grammatica Osceola National Forest is Florida’s northernmost and smallest national forest. Within the forest’s 200,000 acres there are unique habitats like the Pinhook Swamp, a wet pine flatwood and pocosin swamp found on the northern end of the forest. There is also Big Gum Swamp, a wilderness area with over 13,000 acres of […]

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Southeastern American Kestrel

Species Spotlight: Southeastern American Kestrel

The Southeastern American kestrel is the smallest falcon found in the United States. It has a brownish back area with black markings and a white belly, and black marks extending from its eyes downward. The colors of their wings differ depending on the bird’s sex. Male kestrels have bluish-gray wings and females have brown wings. […]

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A Night For Nature Logo

Auction Sneak Peek

By: Kyle Grammatica The Foundation is hosting our annual gala, A Night for Nature, on April 3rd, 6pm at the Pelican Club in Jupiter, Florida. This year we are honoring the lifetime conservation efforts of Jack Nicklaus and Paul Tudor Jones. A Night for Nature celebrates and supports the conservation of Florida’s incredible natural beauty […]

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Invasive Fish

New Invasive Invades Florida’s Waters

By: Kyle Grammatica A new invasive fish species has been identified in Florida called the chanchita, a subtropical fish native to Southern Brazil. For many years chanchitas were misidentified as a similar looking nonnative fish, the black acara. Chanchitas (Cichlasoma dimerus) are freshwater fish currently present in seven counties and five river drainages in Florida. […]

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