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Month: January 2020

Species Spotlight: Southeastern American Kestrel

The Southeastern American kestrel is the smallest falcon found in the United States. It has a brownish back area with black markings and a white belly, and black marks extending from its eyes downward. The colors of their wings differ depending on the bird’s sex. Male kestrels have bluish-gray wings and females have brown wings. […]

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Auction Sneak Peek

By: Kyle Grammatica The Foundation is hosting our annual gala, A Night for Nature, on April 3rd, 6pm at the Pelican Club in Jupiter, Florida. This year we are honoring the lifetime conservation efforts of Jack Nicklaus and Paul Tudor Jones. A Night for Nature celebrates and supports the conservation of Florida’s incredible natural beauty […]

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New Invasive Invades Florida’s Waters

By: Kyle Grammatica A new invasive fish species has been identified in Florida called the chanchita, a subtropical fish native to Southern Brazil. For many years chanchitas were misidentified as a similar looking nonnative fish, the black acara. Chanchitas (Cichlasoma dimerus) are freshwater fish currently present in seven counties and five river drainages in Florida. […]

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$40,000 Pledged by Foundation to Monitor Deadly Disease in Deer

Tallahassee, FL (November 25, 2019) – The nonprofit Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida recently announced a $40,000 grant to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to support the agency’s ongoing efforts to monitor deer in Florida for chronic wasting disease (CWD). CWD, which has not been detected in Florida, is a transmissible […]

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Florida’s Role in Protecting Endangered Whales

By: Kyle Grammatica Did you know that Florida is home to migratory whales? One of these whale species is the endangered North Atlantic right whale, which comes to Florida in the winter and spring to give birth to their calves. Volunteers searching for right whales spotted a mother and calf on New Year’s Day off […]

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