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Conserve Wildlife Tag Grants



Proceeds from the “bear” plate benefit a wide variety of species, from black bears and indigo snakes to endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows.

The Foundation distributes CWT funds to FWC in the form of grants. By statute, we can only give Conserve Wildlife tag proceeds to FWC. It is possible for entities outside FWC to receive tag funds, but only as a sub-recipient in projects where FWC is the grantee. A call for proposals is held each January. FWC applicants must have approval from their section leader prior to completing a proposal.


Past Grants

Project NameGrant Amount
Support for Captive Breeding of Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrows $63,354
Expand Social Media Bear Outreach Efforts $25,000
Investigating Potential Bacterial Reservoirs and Environmental Conditions Contributing to a Large Multi-year Mortality Event of State-threatened Black Skimmer Juveniles in Southwest Florida $33,200
Implementation of the Landscape Conservation Strategic Initiative Through Internal and External Engagement $94,500
Crab Trap Bycatch Reduction Device Program $36,175
Movements and Habitat Use by American Crocodiles Found in Urbanized Landscapes $41,614
Demographics of the Black Bear Subpopulation in Southwest Florida $13,000
Monitor Prevalence of Illegal Shooting of Bears $6,310
Monitor Research Bears Over Time $9,750
Investigating the Origins and Potential Cross-species Transmission of Pathogenic Reptilian Ferlaviruses Between Exotic and Native Wildlife $30,130
Assessment of the epidemiology of a neuromuscular disorder impacting bobcats and the endangered Florida panther – Phase 2 $114,000
Diamondback Terrapin Bycatch in Blue Crab Traps and Impacts of Bycatch Reduction Devices on Commercial Landings of Marketable Crabs $103,752
Continued Monitoring of Turtle Bunyavirus and Refinement of Tissue Submission Guidelines for Diagnostic Validity – Phase 2. $25,000
Understanding effectiveness of economical on-site conservation options for protected species, and mutual benefits for residents of Florida. $25,000
Continued Research on Mussel Propagation Techniques and Stocking Native Mussels to Restore Populations in Lake Trafford and Improve Water Quality $65,960
Coral reef restoration enhancement using a potential corallivore predator the spotted spiny lobster, Panulirus guttatus $37,358
Training FWC personnel to subdue wildlife and scare bears using tasers $27,750
Assessment of the epidemiology of a neuromuscular disorder impacting bobcats and the endangered Florida panther $150,000
Support for captive breeding of endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows $140,000
Effects of outreach messages on landowner attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors related to Florida's WMA's $31,350
Mussel Community and Water Quality Restoration in Lake Trafford $65,000
Apalachicola Regional Stewardship Alliance, Wetland Ecosystem Support Team $25,000
Implementing Predation Management for the Protection of Imperiled Beach Nesting Birds in Northeast Florida $41,692
Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail - Guide Development and Distribution $19,500
Investigating potential tropicalization of fishes and their cleaning stations found along hardbottom ledges of the West Florida $28,483
Adult movement, pupae fire survival, and caterpillar identification of the frosted elfin (Callophrys irus) butterfly $6,510
Cameras for remote monitoring of bear traps $16,350
Growing Up WILD Curriculum Guides $10,000
Assessing sponge outplant design to refine sponge restoration efforts in Florida Bay $33,859
Support for captive breeding of endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows $82,978
Freshwater turtle disease surveillance: Investigating a softshell turtle mortality event caused by a novel virus $30,000
Assessing the spatial components of pollinator and arthropod habitat using the GatorEye Unmanned Flying Laboratory $30,860
Captive Propagation and Repatriation of the Striped Newt $36,062
Implementing Predation Management for the Protection of Imperiled Beach Nesting Birds in Northeast Florida $45,517
A benthic and fish community assessment of West Florida Shelf ledge ecosystems, including Harmful Algal Bloom impacts $60,000
Enhancement and Coordination of the Sentinel Snake Protocol as a Localized Control Tool for Burmese Pythons in Southwestern Florida $65,000
Growing Up WILD Curriculum Guides $5,000
Bear cub rehabilitation enclosure $20,000
Headstarting of Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders $46,729
Arthropod community monitoring and plant-pollinator network mapping in fire-maintained sandhills $25,771
Documenting Occurrence of the Coastal Dunes Crowned Snake (Tantilla relicta pamlica) on Public Lands $28,800
Assessing the home range of the long-spined sea urchin (Diadema antillarum) $4,300
Bear trap improvements and inflatable landing pads $25,782
Enhanced monitoring for imperiled freshwater mussels of Florida $15,000
Backyards and Beyond, Phase 1 $16,000
Movements and Survivorship of Translocated Nuisance American Crocodiles $33,000
Using Echo-Sounder Buoys as Sampling Platforms for Fish Spawning Aggregations: A Pilot Study $70,500
Assessing Benthic Recovery 10 years After the 2005 Harmful Algal Bloom on the West Florida Shelf $58,899
Survey of Crypto serpentis in Wild Snakes and Reintroduction of the Eastern Indigo Snake at Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve $37,943
Incentives for local governments to reduce human/bear conflicts $100,000
National Initiative to Understand and Connect Americans and Nature $15,000
Critical Wildlife Enhancement $225,000
Orphan Bear Cub Rehab Enclosure $5,000
Purchase Computer - Florida Wildlife Magazine $100,000
Florida Black Bear Population Monitoring and Nuisance Response $29,151
Increase Florida Wildlife Magazine Circulation $125,000
Florida Black Bear Population Monitoring and Nuisance Response $19,400
Virus Screening/Alligator Mortality/Lake Griffin $58,000
Evaluation of Flood Pulse Effect on Fish Populations in Florida's Lakes and Low Gradient Streams $36,000
Florida Wildlife Habitat (LANDSAT) Map $20,000
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass $25,800
Analysis of Alligator Diets & Role of Gizzard Shad in Alligator Mortality/Lake Griffin $88,500
Florida Black Bear Conservation and Management $6,000
Florida Mottled Duck Hybridization Genetics $6,250
Mottled Duck Hybridization Marketing and Public Relations $35,500
Impact of Largemouth Bass Iridovirus on Florida Bass Populations $24,000
Largemouth Bass Genetics Assessment $21,777
Habitat Enhancement Effects on Applesnail Abundance $28,700
Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center Enhancement $20,000
Big Catch Certificates $9,000
Aquatic Resources and Sportfishing Education Program Enhancements $13,000
Digitize Slide Library/Index Slides and Video Tapes $35,530
Florida Black Bear Education Project/Seminole County $3,025
Conservation and Restoration of Queen Conch in South Florida $52,000
Surveillance and Monitoring for Chronic Wasting Disease $33,886
Apple Snail Habitat Associations on Central Florida Lakes $10,000
*Exotic Freshwater Fish Poster $10,000
Suwannee Bass Genetics and Virus Study $50,633
Inventory & Mapping of Plant Communities Including Listed Species on State-Managed Conservation Lands $101,000
Florida Black Bear Conservation and Management $35,800
*Economic Ramifications of Altering the Farm Landscape to Benefit Bobwhite Quail $17,500
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass $30,000
Mottled Duck Hybridization Marketing and Public Relations $24,000
Role of Eggshell Integrity on Alligator Egg Viability in Florida $11,000
FL Mottled Duck Population Monitoring $25,000
Be Bear Aware Campaign $41,500
Dev. Of Proposals to Acquire Land for Fish and Wildlife $29,095
Radio Telemetry and Mark-Recapture Studies of Demography, Movement, and Population Dynamics of the Endangered Snail Kite $40,000
Florida Black Bear: Statewide Management and Conservation (Bear Response Agent Program) $15,000
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass $38,000
Florida Mottled Duck Population Monitoring $13,500
Avian Stewardship, Outreach, and Partnering $6,200
Florida Manatee-A Florida Treasure: Education and Boater Relations $55,200
Inventory of FWC Data: A Prerequisite to Agency-wide Data Integration $52,000
ArcIMS Programmer $9,926
Florida Black Bear Habitat Modeling for Closing the Gaps Update $45,213
Database Management Technical Support for FWC Divisions and Offices $37,733
GIS Mapping Support for FWC Employees $27,000
Florida Manatee Foraging Behavior Around a Winter Warm-water Refuge $62,000
Impacts of Florida Manatee Foraging on Seagrass Communities Around a Winter Warm-Water Refuge $2,400
Largemouth Bass Genetics Assessment $29,000
Burrowing Owl Conservation and Management $20,000
Pilot Pet Forgiveness Program $34,000
Conservation and Protection of Marine Aquatic Habitat at St. Lucie Inlet Reserve State Park Coral Reed, Martin County $29,095
Population Dynamics, Demography and Movements of the Endangered Snail Kite $42,000
Captive Propagation and Reintroduction of the State Endangered Miami Blue Butterfly $30,000
Florida Black Bear Continuation and Expansion of the Bear Response Agent Program $25,000
Florida Black Bear Support to Conduct a Black Bear Management Survey of the General Public $38,450
Response of Native and Exotic Apple Snails to Lake Habitat Management $31,200
Evaluation of Web Cam Technology for Compliance Monitoring $20,000
Gambian Rat Pilot Eradication Project $29,095
Population Dynamics, Demography and Movements of the Endangered Snail Kite $52,000
ArcIMS Programmer to deliver Web-Based GIS Services via the Internet (Year 2) $30,000
Florida Black Bear Distribution in the Big Bend Region $57,200
Development of a Manatee Genetics Tag and Field Sampling Methodology $57,924
Exotic Species Awareness Project $44,000
Florida Black Bear: Aversive Conditioning Program Development and Training $5,000
Law Enforcement Reserve Officer Program Start-up Funds $3,000
Northern Right Whales in Florida An Online Field Trip $5,000
Digital Conversion of Video Library $100,000
Cooperative Conservation Blueprint for Florida $50,000
Hawk Channel Coral Ecosystem Mapping $54,893
Mapping Threats to Florida Freshwater Habitats $57,482
Avian Survey of Sandhill Habitat in Florida $61,000
Community Bear Resistant Container Program $18,072
Restoration, Monitoring and Management of Boat Propeller Seagrass Scars in St. Andrews Bay, Florida $4,500
Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative Partner's Meetings $8,500
Assessment of Survival and Growth of Juvenile and Adult Boulder Star Coral (Montastrea annularis sp complex) from Different Reef Habitats in the Florida Keys $47,834
One year continuation of two nongame wildlife grants $50,000
Bring back the red cockaded woodpecker through FWC's Safe Harbour Program $160,000
Nongame wildlife conservation throughout Florida $37,500
Assess internet traffic of regulated fish and wildlife $45,000
Community-based approach for human-bear coexistence $12,700
Microsatellite analysis of genetic variation in panhandle gopher tortoise $5,000
Northwest coastal bear festival $59,000
The Cooperative Conservation Blueprint for Florida: Phase II $200,000
Regional Species Conservation in Florida $50,000
Partnering with private landowners to recover Florida’s red-cockaded woodpeckers through FWC’s Safe Harbor $15,000
Project Part 2: Determining the social environment regarding conversation of the Florida black bear in the Big Bend region $3,500
Assessing the wealth of data buried in FWRI's biological specimen collection $23,000
Bear Response Agent Program $40,000
Bear Response Agent Program $40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South Central Florida $70,000
Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative $90,000
Imperiled Species Conservation $107,000
A regional approach to responsing to wildlife issues and concerns of the public $40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South Central Florida - Year 2 $65,000
Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative $39,095
Population status and distribution of the alligator snapping turtle in the Suwannee River, Florida $40,000
Bear Response Agent Program $30,000
Bear Smart Community jumpstart program $31,743
Preventing extinction of the Miami Blue butterfly through reintroduction, research and captive breeding $80,000
Management Process for Improving Conservation of Imperiles Species $39,000
Developing a Strategy for Coral Reef Restoration in Florida $3,000
Bat Species Inventory on Three Lakes WMA $5,500
Boating and Angling Guide to Bay County $15,000
Access to Photo Library $16,000
Outboard Motor for Research Vessel $40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South_Central Florida: Year 3 $40,000
Bear Response Program $35,000
Public-Private Cooperative to Increase Bear-Proof Garbacge Can Availability $97,500
A Regional Program to Address Wildlife Problems and Wildlife Health Concerns $9,756
Getting Better Information to the Public to Reduce Coyote Problems $33,000
Planting a Refuge for Wildlife $29,000
Prevalence and Distribution of Baylisascaris procyonis in Florida $75,000
Investigations into the Interaction Between Terrapins and Crab Traps $10,000
Assessing the Use of Artificial Structures to Enhance the Survival Rates of Long-Spined Sea Urchins on the Reef Tract of the Florida Keys $36,540
Assessment of Non-Native Wildlife in South Florida $2,300
Community Bat House on Three Lakes WMA $42,000
Shorebird Monitoring Data Management $5,500
A Boating and Angling Guide to Coastal Volusia County $10,470
Patterns of Benthic Herbivore Biodiversity on Florida Coral Reefs $54,400
Impacts of Aquatic Habitat Management Activities on the Rare Round_Tailed Muskrat $75,542
Florida Bird Conservation Initiative / Imperiled Species Management Plan Biologist $135,000
A National Initiative to Understand and Connect Americans with Nature (UCAN) $43,600
Effective Management of Lionfish in the FL Keys $13,000
UTV & Spray Tanki - Exotics Control on Three Lakes WMA $40,000
Volunteer Stewardship Program $28,026
Impact of hydrilla on the littoral zone $-
Bear Response Program $125,000
Centralized Call Database $32,350
Bear Abundance in the Ocala National Forest $35,447
Florida's Coyotes, A Comprehensive Model of Management $60,000
Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition $28,320
Python Patrol $50,000
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance & Response $12,238
Stakeholder Engagement (ISMP and Sea Level Rise) $20,843
Lake Eustis Pupfish Evaluation $25,000
Exotic Animal Risk Assessments $50,000
Everglades Exotic Animal Monitoring $50,000
Gambian Pouched Rat Eradication on Grassy Key $50,000
Volunteer Stewardship Program (VSP) $19,925
Stakeholder Surveys 101. . . $96,980
FL Grasshopper Sparrow Management on Private Ranch Lands $60,500
Avian & Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance & Response $12,500
Secrets of the Longleaf Pine documentary $60,000
Incentives to Reduce Human / Bear Conflicts $37,970
Refining the FWC Beach-nesting Bird Protocol. . . $75,000
Everglades Invasive Reptile & Amphibial Monitoring Program $35,614
Fish & Wildlife Reporting App $17,314
Examining the Efficacy of Corallivorous Snail Removal. . . $3,000
Public / Private Partnership, Lake Wales Ridge WEA $12,833
Genetic Repository for Fish Conservation / Biodiversity. . . $30,000
Understanding and Connecting Americans and Nature, Phase II $95,000
Central Florida Zoo wildlife exhibit and recovery facility $300,000
Everglades Youth Conservation Camp $64,500
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Response Program $80,000
Incentives to Increase Bear-resistant Equipment Availability $100,000
Understanding and Connecting Americans with Nature (UCAN) Phase 3 $50,000
Southeastern At-Risk Species Program (SEARS) $10,320
Genetic Assessment of Striped Newt Populations in Florida $8,500
Health and Genetic Structure of Florida's American Eels????? $78,000
2016 Python Challenge $63,000
Northern African Python Eradication $16,000
Argentine Black and White Tegu Control and Management $50,000
Bear Demographics in Apalachicola Bear Management Unit Year 1 $327,147
Bear Management (Trash cans, etc.) This is scalable. $50,000
Journey of the Whooping Crane $64,500
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Response Program-- CWD & Avian Influenza Veterinarian $50,000
Southeastern At-Risk Species Program (SEARS) $38,353
Reintroduction of Eastern Indigo Snakes to the Florida Panhandle $45,000
State-wide survey of citizen's views of bears
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