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Donor Profile: Ignacio Borbolla

Miami native Ignacio Borbolla spent his youth exploring undeveloped south Florida. His grandfather and father taught him to fish off the city’s docks, seawalls, and bridges. His grandfather used their trips to share stories of his fishing days in Cuba, claiming to have the fastest boat in the yacht club, all of 12kts! As his passion for fishing grew, Ignacio began fishing from boats, often participating in local tournaments and travelling the short distance to the Bahamas. He even became a licensed captain, mastering Florida and Bahamian waters.

His grandfather also helped him purchase his first shotgun, which he still owns, to hunt doves in open fields in west Dade County that are now shopping centers. He still loves to flush quail and pheasant, now joined by his Spanish Burgos pointer Tio. “During my childhood, getting outdoors was accessible and easy, all you needed was a simple rod and reel to catch dinner from docks and piers. And you could access hunting fields a short walk from your neighborhood,” shared Ignacio.

These formative experiences on the seawall with his grandfather and father remain central to his identity, instilling a commitment to keeping wild Florida accessible to all. In addition to his six years of service with the Foundation, Ignacio works with schools and local organizations to create the next generation of Florida conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. “I am passionate about teaching how conservation and outdoor recreation go hand-in-hand, and supporting the Foundation is central to that work,” shared Ignacio. And following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Ignacio has raised his children with a deep love and respect for conservation and responsible outdoor recreation.

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