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Conserve Wildlife Tag Grants



Proceeds from the “bear” plate benefit a wide variety of species, from black bears and indigo snakes to endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows.


Past Grants

Project NameGrant Amount
Support for captive breeding of endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows$80,725.34
Assessment of the epidemiology of a neuromuscular disorder impacting bobcats and the endangered Florida panther – Phase 2$114,000
Diamondback Terrapin Bycatch in Blue Crab Traps and Impacts of Bycatch Reduction Devices on Commercial Landings of Marketable Crabs$103,752
Continued Monitoring of Turtle Bunyavirus and Refinement of Tissue Submission Guidelines for Diagnostic Validity – Phase 2.$25,000
Understanding effectiveness of economical on-site conservation options for protected species, and mutual benefits for residents of Florida.$25,000
Continued Research on Mussel Propagation Techniques and Stocking Native Mussels to Restore Populations in Lake Trafford and Improve Water Quality$65,960
Coral reef restoration enhancement using a potential corallivore predator the spotted spiny lobster, Panulirus guttatus$37,358
Creating a Conservation Education Center Portal to expand the reach of FWC’s public education and outreach programming (WFF Funds)$33,000
Training FWC personnel to subdue wildlife and scare bears using tasers$27,750
Assessment of the epidemiology of a neuromuscular disorder impacting bobcats and the endangered Florida panther$150,000
Support for captive breeding of endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows$140,000
Effects of outreach messages on landowner attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors related to Florida's WMA's$31,350
Mussel Community and Water Quality Restoration in Lake Trafford$65,000
Apalachicola Regional Stewardship Alliance, Wetland Ecosystem Support Team$25,000
Implementing Predation Management for the Protection of Imperiled Beach Nesting Birds in Northeast Florida$41,692
Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail - Guide Development and Distribution$19,500
Investigating potential tropicalization of fishes and their cleaning stations found along hardbottom ledges of the West Florida$28,483
Adult movement, pupae fire survival, and caterpillar identification of the frosted elfin (Callophrys irus) butterfly$6,510
Cameras for remote monitoring of bear traps$16,350
Growing Up WILD Curriculum Guides$10,000
Assessing sponge outplant design to refine sponge restoration efforts in Florida Bay$33,859
Support for captive breeding of endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows$82,978
Freshwater turtle disease surveillance: Investigating a softshell turtle mortality event caused by a novel virus$30,000
Assessing the spatial components of pollinator and arthropod habitat using the GatorEye Unmanned Flying Laboratory$30,860
Captive Propagation and Repatriation of the Striped Newt$36,062
Implementing Predation Management for the Protection of Imperiled Beach Nesting Birds in Northeast Florida$45,517
A benthic and fish community assessment of West Florida Shelf ledge ecosystems, including Harmful Algal Bloom impacts$60,000
Enhancement and Coordination of the Sentinel Snake Protocol as a Localized Control Tool for Burmese Pythons in Southwestern Florida$65,000
Growing Up WILD Curriculum Guides$5,000
Bear cub rehabilitation enclosure$20,000
Headstarting of Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders$46,729
Arthropod community monitoring and plant-pollinator network mapping in fire-maintained sandhills$25,771
Documenting Occurrence of the Coastal Dunes Crowned Snake (Tantilla relicta pamlica) on Public Lands$28,800
Assessing the home range of the long-spined sea urchin (Diadema antillarum)$4,300
Bear trap improvements and inflatable landing pads$25,782
Enhanced monitoring for imperiled freshwater mussels of Florida$15,000
Backyards and Beyond, Phase 1$16,000
Movements and Survivorship of Translocated Nuisance American Crocodiles$33,000
Using Echo-Sounder Buoys as Sampling Platforms for Fish Spawning Aggregations: A Pilot Study$70,500
Assessing Benthic Recovery 10 years After the 2005 Harmful Algal Bloom on the West Florida Shelf$58,899
Survey of Crypto serpentis in Wild Snakes and Reintroduction of the Eastern Indigo Snake at Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve$37,943
Incentives for local governments to reduce human/bear conflicts$100,000
National Initiative to Understand and Connect Americans and Nature$15,000
Critical Wildlife Enhancement$225,000
Orphan Bear Cub Rehab Enclosure$5,000
Purchase Computer - Florida Wildlife Magazine$100,000
Florida Black Bear Population Monitoring and Nuisance Response$29,151
Increase Florida Wildlife Magazine Circulation$125,000
Florida Black Bear Population Monitoring and Nuisance Response$19,400
Virus Screening/Alligator Mortality/Lake Griffin$58,000
Evaluation of Flood Pulse Effect on Fish Populations in Florida's Lakes and Low Gradient Streams$36,000
Florida Wildlife Habitat (LANDSAT) Map$20,000
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass$25,800
Analysis of Alligator Diets & Role of Gizzard Shad in Alligator Mortality/Lake Griffin$88,500
Florida Black Bear Conservation and Management$6,000
Florida Mottled Duck Hybridization Genetics$6,250
Mottled Duck Hybridization Marketing and Public Relations$35,500
Impact of Largemouth Bass Iridovirus on Florida Bass Populations$24,000
Largemouth Bass Genetics Assessment$21,777
Habitat Enhancement Effects on Applesnail Abundance$28,700
Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center Enhancement$20,000
Big Catch Certificates$9,000
Aquatic Resources and Sportfishing Education Program Enhancements$13,000
Digitize Slide Library/Index Slides and Video Tapes$35,530
Florida Black Bear Education Project/Seminole County$3,025
Conservation and Restoration of Queen Conch in South Florida$52,000
Surveillance and Monitoring for Chronic Wasting Disease$33,886
Apple Snail Habitat Associations on Central Florida Lakes$10,000
*Exotic Freshwater Fish Poster$10,000
Suwannee Bass Genetics and Virus Study$50,633
Inventory & Mapping of Plant Communities Including Listed Species on State-Managed Conservation Lands$101,000
Florida Black Bear Conservation and Management$35,800
*Economic Ramifications of Altering the Farm Landscape to Benefit Bobwhite Quail$17,500
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass$30,000
Mottled Duck Hybridization Marketing and Public Relations$24,000
Role of Eggshell Integrity on Alligator Egg Viability in Florida$11,000
FL Mottled Duck Population Monitoring$25,000
Be Bear Aware Campaign$41,500
Dev. Of Proposals to Acquire Land for Fish and Wildlife$29,095
Radio Telemetry and Mark-Recapture Studies of Demography, Movement, and Population Dynamics of the Endangered Snail Kite$40,000
Florida Black Bear: Statewide Management and Conservation (Bear Response Agent Program)$15,000
Evaluating Wetland Management Techniques for Controlling Para Grass$38,000
Florida Mottled Duck Population Monitoring$13,500
Avian Stewardship, Outreach, and Partnering$6,200
Florida Manatee-A Florida Treasure: Education and Boater Relations$55,200
Inventory of FWC Data: A Prerequisite to Agency-wide Data Integration$52,000
ArcIMS Programmer$9,926
Florida Black Bear Habitat Modeling for Closing the Gaps Update$45,213
Database Management Technical Support for FWC Divisions and Offices$37,733
GIS Mapping Support for FWC Employees$27,000
Florida Manatee Foraging Behavior Around a Winter Warm-water Refuge$62,000
Impacts of Florida Manatee Foraging on Seagrass Communities Around a Winter Warm-Water Refuge$2,400
Largemouth Bass Genetics Assessment$29,000
Burrowing Owl Conservation and Management$20,000
Pilot Pet Forgiveness Program$34,000
Conservation and Protection of Marine Aquatic Habitat at St. Lucie Inlet Reserve State Park Coral Reed, Martin County$29,095
Population Dynamics, Demography and Movements of the Endangered Snail Kite$42,000
Captive Propagation and Reintroduction of the State Endangered Miami Blue Butterfly$30,000
Florida Black Bear Continuation and Expansion of the Bear Response Agent Program$25,000
Florida Black Bear Support to Conduct a Black Bear Management Survey of the General Public$38,450
Response of Native and Exotic Apple Snails to Lake Habitat Management$31,200
Evaluation of Web Cam Technology for Compliance Monitoring$20,000
Gambian Rat Pilot Eradication Project$29,095
Population Dynamics, Demography and Movements of the Endangered Snail Kite$52,000
ArcIMS Programmer to deliver Web-Based GIS Services via the Internet (Year 2)$30,000
Florida Black Bear Distribution in the Big Bend Region$57,200
Development of a Manatee Genetics Tag and Field Sampling Methodology$57,924
Exotic Species Awareness Project$44,000
Florida Black Bear: Aversive Conditioning Program Development and Training$5,000
Law Enforcement Reserve Officer Program Start-up Funds$3,000
Northern Right Whales in Florida An Online Field Trip$5,000
Digital Conversion of Video Library$100,000
Cooperative Conservation Blueprint for Florida$50,000
Hawk Channel Coral Ecosystem Mapping$54,893
Mapping Threats to Florida Freshwater Habitats$57,482
Avian Survey of Sandhill Habitat in Florida$61,000
Community Bear Resistant Container Program$18,072
Restoration, Monitoring and Management of Boat Propeller Seagrass Scars in St. Andrews Bay, Florida$4,500
Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative Partner's Meetings$8,500
Assessment of Survival and Growth of Juvenile and Adult Boulder Star Coral (Montastrea annularis sp complex) from Different Reef Habitats in the Florida Keys$47,834
One year continuation of two nongame wildlife grants$50,000
Bring back the red cockaded woodpecker through FWC's Safe Harbour Program$160,000
Nongame wildlife conservation throughout Florida$37,500
Assess internet traffic of regulated fish and wildlife$45,000
Community-based approach for human-bear coexistence$12,700
Microsatellite analysis of genetic variation in panhandle gopher tortoise$5,000
Northwest coastal bear festival$59,000
The Cooperative Conservation Blueprint for Florida: Phase II$200,000
Regional Species Conservation in Florida$50,000
Partnering with private landowners to recover Florida’s red-cockaded woodpeckers through FWC’s Safe Harbor$15,000
Project Part 2: Determining the social environment regarding conversation of the Florida black bear in the Big Bend region$3,500
Assessing the wealth of data buried in FWRI's biological specimen collection$23,000
Bear Response Agent Program$40,000
Bear Response Agent Program$40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South Central Florida$70,000
Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative$90,000
Imperiled Species Conservation$107,000
A regional approach to responsing to wildlife issues and concerns of the public$40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South Central Florida - Year 2$65,000
Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative$39,095
Population status and distribution of the alligator snapping turtle in the Suwannee River, Florida $40,000
Bear Response Agent Program$30,000
Bear Smart Community jumpstart program$31,743
Preventing extinction of the Miami Blue butterfly through reintroduction, research and captive breeding$80,000
Management Process for Improving Conservation of Imperiles Species$39,000
Developing a Strategy for Coral Reef Restoration in Florida$3,000
Bat Species Inventory on Three Lakes WMA$5,500
Boating and Angling Guide to Bay County$15,000
Access to Photo Library$16,000
Outboard Motor for Research Vessel$40,000
Bear Range and Population Abundance of Black Bears in South_Central Florida: Year 3$40,000
Bear Response Program$35,000
Public-Private Cooperative to Increase Bear-Proof Garbacge Can Availability$97,500
A Regional Program to Address Wildlife Problems and Wildlife Health Concerns$9,756
Getting Better Information to the Public to Reduce Coyote Problems$33,000
Planting a Refuge for Wildlife$29,000
Prevalence and Distribution of Baylisascaris procyonis in Florida$75,000
Investigations into the Interaction Between Terrapins and Crab Traps$10,000
Assessing the Use of Artificial Structures to Enhance the Survival Rates of Long-Spined Sea Urchins on the Reef Tract of the Florida Keys$36,540
Assessment of Non-Native Wildlife in South Florida$2,300
Community Bat House on Three Lakes WMA$42,000
Shorebird Monitoring Data Management$5,500
A Boating and Angling Guide to Coastal Volusia County$10,470
Patterns of Benthic Herbivore Biodiversity on Florida Coral Reefs$54,400
Impacts of Aquatic Habitat Management Activities on the Rare Round_Tailed Muskrat$75,542
Florida Bird Conservation Initiative / Imperiled Species Management Plan Biologist$135,000
A National Initiative to Understand and Connect Americans with Nature (UCAN)$43,600
Effective Management of Lionfish in the FL Keys$13,000
UTV & Spray Tanki - Exotics Control on Three Lakes WMA$40,000
Volunteer Stewardship Program$28,026
Impact of hydrilla on the littoral zone$-
Bear Response Program$125,000
Centralized Call Database$32,350
Bear Abundance in the Ocala National Forest$35,447
Florida's Coyotes, A Comprehensive Model of Management$60,000
Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition$28,320
Python Patrol$50,000
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance & Response$12,238
Stakeholder Engagement (ISMP and Sea Level Rise)$20,843
Lake Eustis Pupfish Evaluation$25,000
Exotic Animal Risk Assessments$50,000
Everglades Exotic Animal Monitoring$50,000
Gambian Pouched Rat Eradication on Grassy Key$50,000
Volunteer Stewardship Program (VSP)$19,925
Stakeholder Surveys 101. . .$96,980
FL Grasshopper Sparrow Management on Private Ranch Lands$60,500
Avian & Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance & Response$12,500
Secrets of the Longleaf Pine documentary$60,000
Incentives to Reduce Human / Bear Conflicts$37,970
Refining the FWC Beach-nesting Bird Protocol. . .$75,000
Everglades Invasive Reptile & Amphibial Monitoring Program$35,614
Fish & Wildlife Reporting App$17,314
Examining the Efficacy of Corallivorous Snail Removal. . .$3,000
Public / Private Partnership, Lake Wales Ridge WEA$12,833
Genetic Repository for Fish Conservation / Biodiversity. . .$30,000
Understanding and Connecting Americans and Nature, Phase II$95,000
Central Florida Zoo wildlife exhibit and recovery facility$300,000
Everglades Youth Conservation Camp$64,500
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Response Program$80,000
Incentives to Increase Bear-resistant Equipment Availability$100,000
Understanding and Connecting Americans with Nature (UCAN) Phase 3$50,000
Southeastern At-Risk Species Program (SEARS)$10,320
Genetic Assessment of Striped Newt Populations in Florida$8,500
Health and Genetic Structure of Florida's American Eels?????$78,000
2016 Python Challenge$63,000
Northern African Python Eradication$16,000
Argentine Black and White Tegu Control and Management$50,000
Bear Demographics in Apalachicola Bear Management Unit Year 1$327,147
Bear Management (Trash cans, etc.) This is scalable.$50,000
Journey of the Whooping Crane$64,500
Avian and Terrestrial Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Response Program-- CWD & Avian Influenza Veterinarian$50,000
Southeastern At-Risk Species Program (SEARS)$38,353
Reintroduction of Eastern Indigo Snakes to the Florida Panhandle$45,000
State-wide survey of citizen's views of bears
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