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Descubra las subvenciones de la etiqueta Oceans de Florida


Visión general

Esta placa beneficia los programas de investigación y conservación costera y de estuarios de nuestra Fundación y del Instituto de Investigación Hubbs-SeaWorld sin fines de lucro.

Limited grant funds are available. Letters of interest can be emailed to the Foundation’s Grant Administrator.


Becas Pasadas

Project TitleCantidad de subvención 
Snook Symposium$5,000
Repeatability Study of Manatee Mortality$5,000
Red Tide Sampling Bottles$5,400
Take a Kid Fishing$5,000
Broward Co. Coastal Water Monitoring$5,000
Tagging Study -- Snook$7,500
B&A Guide -- Apalachee Bay$10,000
Team OCEAN - Eastern FL Panhandle$6,966
Team OCEAN - Cedar Key$5,900
B&A Guide -- Nature Coast$5,000
Science in the Sea$10,000
Support for Necropsies - Stranded Right Whales$6,000
Marine Hatcheries Initiative$30,000
B&A Guide -- St. Johns/Flagler County$5,000
Evaluation of Reef Fish Connectivity - Dry Tortugas$8,500
Bringing the FWC Mission to the FL Keys Classroom$7,500
Shorebird Recovery$8,000
FWC LE Field Guide to Marine Life$20,000
B&A Guide - Treasure Coast South$5,000
Common Snook movements across the Boundary of the KSC Estuarine Reserve$10,000
Perception of climate change risk and adaptation strategies for wildlife species and habitats in the FL Keys$30,200
FCRC Administrative Support$28,853
Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative$543,497
SYCC Classroom Furnishings$300,000
Coral Reef Forum Sponsorships$12,402
AZA Husbandry Leadership team$1,500
Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project Coordinator$21,667
Right Whale Festival Sponsorship$1,000
Loggerhead Marine Center Floating Classrrom Sponsorship$25,000
Gray FishTag Program$15,000
REEF SMILE Project $36,161
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