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Wildlife Foundation of Florida Tag Grants

We will next be accepting grant proposals in the summer of 2023. More details to come!

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The non-profit Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc. is dedicated to the conservation, management, and sustainable enjoyment of Florida’s outstanding lands, waters, and wildlife. Since 1994, the Foundation has raised and given away more than $60 million for conservation and outdoor recreation and education programs for adults, children, and families.

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Focus of Grants

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Conserving and managing lands open to public hunting; improving access to and amenities on publicly accessible hunting lands; supporting hunting stakeholder meetings; promoting gun and hunting safety programs for all ages, including youth hunting programs; support generally for the shooting sports in Florida, including competitive shooting and archery.

Current Priorities:

  1. Conservation of lands open to public hunting.
  2. Ecological restoration and improvement of public hunting lands.
    Note: A limited number of mini-grants (up to $1k) are available to organizations hosting a public hunting land or area clean-up event.
  3. Conservation management of game species (deer, turkey, etc.).
  4. Research and control and removal of non-native or otherwise invasive plants and animals that degrade native Florida ecosystems.
  5. Increasing public access to hunting lands.
  6. Programs to attract women and minorities to hunting and shooting sports.
  7. Archery programs for youth and adults.
  8. Gun and hunting safety programs for all ages.


Man showing young girl deer antler

Eligible Applicants and Projects

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Federal, state, or local government agencies; public and private colleges and universities; and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, including all-volunteer organizations (e.g., “Friends of…” groups). The Foundation may also, at its sole discretion, consider proposals that benefit the public from private, for-profit organizations.


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The Florida Legislature assigned the administration of the WFF (aka “deer tag”) license plate to the Foundation in 2014 “to fund programs and projects within the state that preserve open space and wildlife habitat, promote conservation, improve wildlife habitat, and establish open space for the perpetual use of the public.”

The Foundation under these guidelines has focused its grant making on conserving and managing lands open to public hunting; improving access to, and amenities on, public hunting lands; supporting hunting stakeholder meetings; promoting gun safety and youth hunting programs; and generally fostering the shootings sports in Florida, including archery. These remain the principal interests of this program and grant cycle. A list of past grants can be found below for guidance.

Grant Size

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Wildlife Foundation of Florida” grant requests of up to $75,000 will be considered. Most grants will range from $1,000 to $25,000. The applicant’s ability to procure matching funds from other sources may have bearing on the possibility of being funded but is not a prerequisite. Multi-year projects will be considered, but funding is awarded for 12-month intervals. The project period will be from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023 (12 months).

Important Dates

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  • June 20 – July 27, 2022: Proposals Accepted
  • August 1 – September 19, 2022: Review Process
  • September 26 – October 7, 2022: Applicants Notified
  • January 1, 2023: Project Begin Date
  • July 31, 2023: Progress Reporting Due
  • December 31, 2023: Project End Date
  • March 31, 2024: Final Reporting Due

For More Information

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Contact Ms. Anita Forester.

Grant applicants can log in here to access application status and assigned follow-up forms.

Past Grants

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Project NameGrant Amount
Operation Outdoor Freedom(OOF) - Blackwater Food Plots 2022$5,500
Youth Dove, Quail, Squirrel, Turkey and Wild Hog Hunting$4,000
The Coldwater Nationals 3 Day Field Trial$8,500
Expansion of Youth Shooting Sports Safety Education$7,030
OOF: Continuation of Blackwater Female Dorm Construction$25,000
Special Youth and Wounded Warrior Duck Hunts$2,400
6th Annual Rumble In The Swamp Youth Small Game Hunt With Hounds & Clay Shooting Outdoors Weekend$4,500
Hunt 4 Halee Youth Deer Hunt$4,500
Bow Fishing Expansion Program$10,676
Florida Frontiersmen Big Game 2$4,219
Nature Center Archery Programs$6,000
FWC/NWTF/FFS Wild Turkey Cost Share Program$25,000
ALLOUT Adventure Outreach and Mobility Program 22$25,000
Bringing It All Together$14,900
On Target Adaptive Archery$4,101
Camp La-No-Che Shooting Sports Programs$12,304
58th Annual 2022 Blackwater Fox Hunters Association Field Trial & Bench Show$6,000
Increasing Targeted Hunter Participation in Monitoring CWD$22,620
Phase II:Archery Program and Correlating Wildlife Conservation Education - Northeast Region$4,000
R3 Summit - International Hunter Education Association / FWC$14,000
Advertising and Marketing for Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program$10,000
Florida Hunters For The Hungry Inc$10,000
Advancing R3 for LGBTQ+ Hunters$15,000
Ducks Unlimited Florida FFA Wood Duck Box Seminar$5,000
From Classroom to Dinner on the Table$3,050
Proverb 31 Outdoorsman$25,000
Suwannee River Area Council Wallwood Scout Reservation Archery Program$7,155
Florida BHA Archery Intro & 3D Challenge$11,837
FHF's New Hunters Program for 2022-23 Hunting Season$15,000
Rolling Meadows Impoundment Vegetation Management$50,000
Ducks Unlimited Orlando Wood Duck Project$2,500
Debris Removal from Wildlife Management Areas$1,000
Youth Buck N Rut Hunt 2022$2,500
Title Sponsorship of the Florida NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) State Tournament.$30,000
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Awareness Campaign$20,000
Operation Outdoor Freedom Blackwater Food Plots$5,000
Expanding Belmont Academy's Archery Program$1,250
Florida Frontiersmen Archery Big Game$2,695
Ft. DeFuniak Archery and Conservation Center$14,070
Bowhunters Jamboree Range supplies$3,113
IACP -- Inclusive Archery and Conservation Program$9,312
Lakeland Youth Hunter Education Challenge Muzzle Loading Matches and Hunts$2,900
FHF's 2021-22 New Hunters Program$12,830
Expand Archery (w/ Social Distancing)$2,300
Youth Dove, Quail, Squirrel,Turkey and Wild Hog Hunting$1,485
Introduction to youth archery competitive shooting$4,538
Archery Equipment Upgrades$13,220
7th Annual SEDHA Dog Days of Summer Field Trial & banquet$6,000
ALLOUT Adventure Program$20,000
2021 Rumble In The Swamp Youth Small Game Rabbit Hunt With Hounds and Skeet Shooting Outdoor Day$4,000
Cloud Nine Outdoors 3R's Urban Hunting program$4,920
2021 Blackwater Fox Hunters Association Field Trial & Bench Show$5,000
3rd Annual Buck In Rut Youth Deer Hunt$2,000
Pasco County Expanded Archery Supplies$4,578
Hunt 4 Halee$3,000
Operation Outdoor Freedom - Blackwater female dorm construction$26,700
Apalachicola National Forest Clean Up Day$1,000
4-H Shotgun Shooting Sports$2,000
Quarterly Lake Clean Ups$1,000
Increasing Fire Management on Public Lands for Improved Hunting$40,000
FWC/NWTF/FFS Wild Turkey Cost-Share Program$25,000
Little Orange Creek Women/Youth Hunts and Habitat Restoration Project$13,000
Enhanced surveillance for chronic wasting disease in free-ranging deer in Florida$40,000
19-20 Food plots$5,000
FWC 2020 R3 Hunting stakeholder summit$12,000
UW-F/FWC Waterfowl Summit$3,500
YHPF Regional Restocking$8,465
Youth Dove, Quail, Squirrel and Deer Hunting$1,485
National Hunting and Fishing Day Promotion$15,000
Ducks Unlimited Suwannee River Wood Duck Project$4,500
Florida Frontiersmen Archery Program$3,427
FHF's New Hunters Program for 2020-22$28,965
Proverb 31 Outdoorsman$20,000
Portable archery range$11,866
2020 Rumble In The Swamp Youth Small Game Hunt$4,000
Upgrade and Enhance School Archery Equipment$1,110
The Hope 4 Halee Disabled and Buddy Youth Deer and Hog Hunt$3,500
2nd Annual Buck In Rut Youth Deer Hunt$1,000
The Coldwater National Youth 3-Day Fox Field Trial$8,000
Wheels In Nature (WIN) Happy Smiles$7,000
Florida NASP State Tournament$10,000
2020 Blackwater Fox Hunters Association Field Trial & Bench Show$2,500
Comprehensice White-tailed Deer Study on Deseret Ranches$63,000
Enhanced surveillance for chronic wasting disease in free-ranging deer in Florida$40,000.00
Manatee County Archery, Hunting, and Turkey Habitat Management$28,450.00
Womens Outreach Hunts$2,000.00
FHF New Hunters Program$21,335.00
Operation Outdoor Freedom Food Plots FY18-19$4,000.00
Proverbs 31:15$10,000.00
Alachua 4-H Archery$1,989.00
Gators, Gals and Guns$2,005.00
Introduction to Archery basics range equipment$3,900.00
ALLOUT Florida Adventure Program (ALLOUT)$20,000.00
Field-to-Fork Program$8,500.00
FWC 2019 R3 Summit$12,000.00
UW-F/FWC Waterfowl Summit$2,500.00
Youth Hunt Stands$1,800.00
Hunter Ed Promotion$21,200.00
Hunt Trailer Replacement Project$6,000.00
Qualitative research with Florida college students on hunting$20,000.00
Outdoor Youth Day$3,500.00
Lakeland Youth Hunter Education Challenge and Becoming An Outdoors Woman Shotgun Hunting Program$5,000.00
Operation Outdoor Freedom Food Plots 2018-2019$4,000.00
UW-F/FWC Waterfowl Summit$2,500.00
Youth Small Game Hunt "Rumble In The Swamp" Small Game Hunt$1,500.00
Shooting Range for Joe Budd Youth Conservation Center$50,000.00
FWC R3 Hunting Stakeholder Summit$10,000.00
Using Translocation to Evaluate Site Fidelity, Seasonal Movement, and Habitat Use of Northern Bobwhite in relation to Food Availability and Cover $18,500.00
Enhanced surveillance for chronic wasting diseases in free-ranging deer in Florida$20,000.00
3rd Annual Dog Days Of Summer Youth Field Trial & Event$5,000.00
The Future of Hunting in Florida's Youth Hunting Program$33,730.00
The 4-H Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Day Camp$3,900.00
Seasons Of Hope Outdoors National Affiliated Youth 3 Day Fox Hound Field Trial$5,000.00
Wheels in Nature$19,000.00
Huntmaster Hunting Blinds$55,500.00
Development of a Mobile Application for Hunting on Florida’s Wildlife Management Areas$75,000.00
Comprehensive White-tailed Deer Study on Deseret Cattle & Citrus$82,092.00
Hunt Camp Scholarships$7,500.00
NW YHPF Trailer$8,000.00
YHPF Regional Trailer Restocking$10,000.00
FHF Youth Hunts$7,725.00
4-H Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Day Camp$2,900.00
Florida Sportsmens Conservation Association Youth Day$4,050.00
FYCCN Hunt Camp Expansion$16,320.00
Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Entrance Improvements (Check Station)$40,000.00
Provide Mobility Impaired Access on Wildlife Management Areas$30,000.00
Game Cleaning Stations on Wildlife Management Areas$2,500
The Future of Hunting in Florida Youth Hunt Camp$2,500
Tate's Hell Rec Site Improvements$3,787
Sauls Landing Fishing and Recreation Area on Four Creeks State Forest$2,500
Goodwin Waterfowl Management Area PWD Improvements$500
Master Outdoorsman$2,500
Triple N Ranch WMA Food Plots$9,870.87
T.M. Goodwin Youth Hunt Expansion (Equipment)$6,600.00
Camp Blanding WMA Cooler Replacement$8,590
FYCCN Archery Expansion - Explore Archery Curriculum$2,500
Check Station Replacement on the Snipe Island Unit of Big Bend WMA$4,025
FYCCN Archery Expansion - Beginner Archery Kits$10,000
7th Annual Florida Youth Outdoor Experience – May 28, 2016$2,500
"Wild About Florida"$2,500
Expansion and Safety Improvements to Smallbore Range$2,500
FYCCN Archery Expansion - Beginner Archery Kits$15,000
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