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For the Love of Owls

Instilling a love for wild Florida in the next generation is crucial to conservation. Luckily, we have Ameila B. of Naples as a model.

Amelia, a student and quite possibly our youngest donor, was compelled by her love of the Florida burrowing owl to donate $5 to our Conserving Florida Wildlife fund.

“I was looking up Florida’s endangered and threatened creatures and found out about the Florida burrowing owl,” Amelia scrawled in pencil in a handwritten letter. “I want to help you save them.”

The Florida burrowing owl lives most of its life on the ground in and around their burrows, hence the name. They can be found throughout the peninsular of Florida. Sadly, their habitat of open prairies often falls victim to development; their population is classified as State Threatened.

FWC’s recent request for proposals aims to change that. Over $875,000 is available to organizations working to preserve burrowing owl habitat. Click here to learn more about requirements and how to apply.

“I think owls are really cool,” she wrote, accompanied by a drawing of two burrowing owls that could rival any textbook illustration. We have to agree, Amelia. We think owls are really cool too.

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