Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida
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Becas de conservación

Programas de becas de la Fundación Fish & Wildlife de Florida

Since 1994, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida has raised and given away more than $66 million in grants to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and many other public and private partners. We are the largest private funder of the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network, a consortium of 300+ public and private organizations that provide 284,000 Florida children annually with formative outdoor experiences. Conserving important wildlife habitat, preventing species extinctions, improving public access to hunting lands and shooting sports facilities, combating invasive species like pythons and lionfish, and restoring Florida’s reefs are also major initiatives. While many of our grants are made to organizations with which we work closely to achieve our conservation goals, several times/year the Foundation also invites individuals, organizations, and agencies to apply for competitive grants funded via our specialty license plates and other sources.  

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