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Celebrating Our Outdoor Heritage

By: Bill O’Connor

Hunters and anglers have been vital champions in the conservation of our wildlife and the environment. On the  47th National Hunting and Fishing Day,  we caught up with Kayla Reid, a microbiologist, Florida native, and hunter to discuss why hunting and fishing have been important in her life for over two decades.

FWFF: How did you start hunting and fishing?

Kayla Reid:  My stepdad got me into hunting. He was actually born and raised here in Largo… he used to hunt here when he was younger and did a lot of outdoor stuff. Truly if I had to credit anyone it would be my stepdad. He had a big hand in raising me. I caught my first fish by Lake Seminole  when I was three or four years old. That was my first time. Whenever my brothers were going catfishing at night time, I would trail behind them saying “Dad said I could!”

Where do you go deer hunting?

We’ve hunted in North Florida, Ocala area.

What else have you hunted?

Saltwater fishing, lobstering, spear fishing, turkey, pig, scalloping. If a Coyote would walk by I would get him because my brother has gotten some and they have the most beautiful hides in the winter. I had a fox walk by during open season but, I was going for a deer and needed venison and he came by looked at me and kept going. I enjoy deer hunting most. I have not done much dove or duck hunting. I love skeet shooting with a shotgun. There’s just so many things.

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