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New Faces on the Foundation Board

By: Kyle Grammatica

The Foundation recently welcomed Robert A. Spottswood Jr., Francisco Bergaz, and Joshua Kellam to its Board of Directors.

Robert A. Spottswood Jr.

Spottswood holds a law degree from NOVA Southeastern University and has spent his professional career working at the intersection of law and real estate, including environmental resource permitting. In addition to his current position as president at Spottswood Management Inc., he serves as their general counsel and partner at Spottswood, Spottswood, Spottswood & Sterling, PLLC in Key West. Promoting wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation is a family tradition for Spottswood, as his father is currently serving as a commissioner for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

“I am thrilled to join the Board and further my father’s work of conserving nature and outdoor recreation in Florida,” Spottswood said. “I am committed to ensuring that my daughters have the same formative experiences I did growing up in the Keys. I want them to be able to dive around healthy corals, marvel at manatees, and fish from abundant fisheries. Keeping Florida wild is a family business, and I look forward to working with the Foundation to do so.”

Francisco Bergaz

Bergaz worked for 15 years in the spirits and food industries, leading the export division at Quirch Foods to double-digit annual growth. He also oversaw the expansion of the Panamei Brand as well as Chiquita. Born in Spain and raised there and Miami, Bergaz served on the Bacardi Limited board for the past four years and previously helped manage many of its brands in Europe. He is also on the board for the Outdoor Sportsmen’s Foundation. He attended Fordham Business School in New York City, and he and his family split their time between Miami and coastal South Carolina.

Bergaz said he is pleased to have the opportunity to serve on the Board.  “I have a lifelong appreciation of conservation work, particularly as an avid outdoorsman. I appreciate this opportunity to help lead and contribute to the success of the Foundation,” he said.

Joshua Kellam

Kellam is the President of the Florida Division of The Garcia Companies. He was recently a Commissioner at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as well as a member of the Water Resource Advisory Coalition of the South Florida Water Management District for 10 years. Kellam has a broad background in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy initiatives, governmental affairs, management, construction, operations, site development, strategic planning, and real estate development. He resides in Palm Beach Gardens and is an active member of his community.

“It was a pleasure serving as a Commissioner for FWC alongside some amazing leaders and I am now honored to become a part of the Foundation’s great efforts to advance awareness for all the precious natural resources that our great state has to offer. I am excited to serve with leaders from all across the state that are eager to make a difference and conserve wild Florida for future generations.”

About the Foundation

Since 1994, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida has raised and donated more than $45 million for conservation and outdoor recreation. We are the citizen-support organization of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and work with a variety of other public and private organizations to achieve our science-based conservation, research, education, and outdoor recreation goals. Our grantmaking traditionally focuses on providing outdoor education and recreational opportunities for youth, combatting invasive species, improving management of wildlife habitats and fisheries, protecting Florida’s freshwater springs, and improving public access to hunting, fishing, and boating resources. As a nonprofit organization, we accept charitable contributions toward these and other conservation programs in Florida and surrounding waters.

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