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Partners in Coral: SeaWorld Opens Coral Rescue Center in Partnership with Our Foundation

When Florida’s Coral Reef is in dire straits, it takes a village to save it.

In continuation of our partnership with SeaWorld, our Foundation has Again joined forces with the iconic conservation giant to preserve and protect Florida’s fragile corals.

SeaWorld celebrated the grand opening of their public-facing Coral Rescue Center in their Orlando park mid-June. The part-exhibition, part-coral kindergarten is an extension of the work being done at the Florida Coral Rescue Center (FCRC), located off-site in Orlando, which houses hundreds of rescued corals.

The FCRC is a state-of-the-art facility established for the gene banking and care of Florida corals rescued from reefs not yet affected by stony coral tissue loss disease. Under the guidance of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), the FCRC is operated by SeaWorld, Disney Conservation Fund, and our Foundation. After spawning and growing corals to a healthy size, FCRC experts will eventually outplant them onto the reef to support new coral colony growth.

Between SeaWorld’s expertise and public reach and our Foundation’s resources and emergent funding, this partnership is a significant step forward in marine conservation efforts. By focusing on genetic preservation, we are not only working towards immediate reef restoration but also preparing for the future challenges these ecosystems may face.

“We are proud to partner with SeaWorld in our shared conservation mission to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting Florida’s coral reef, which is the only coral reef system in the continental United States,” said Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida President & CEO Andrew Walker.


If you would like to support work like this to save Florida’s coral reef, consider a donation to our Restoring Our Reefs fund or purchase a Discovering Florida’s Oceans license plate.


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