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Specialty Plate Spotlight: Conserve Wildlife Tag

The DMV: just the acronym alone can send even the most patient person running for the hills. What if we told you you could get a new license plate while helping to conserve Florida’s most imperiled animals without ever stepping foot in a DMV?

Just ask Tindl Rainey. She recently gifted herself a Conserve Wildlife license plate, affectionately called the “bear plate,” for her birthday.

“I’ll admit I was at first intimidated by the process, but the lovely staff at Indian River County Tax Collector’s office called me within a day or two of submitting the request online and within a few short minutes the whole thing was done,” said Rainey. “It was simple and easy and now I have a beautiful new plate and feel good about where the money goes.”

If you’re interested in buying a CWT of your very own, complete the form on our website here. A staff member of the Indian River County Tax Collector’s office will contact you to complete the final steps. Don’t worry, it’s OK if you don’t live in Indian River County! As long as you are a Florida resident, they will offer swift and efficient service.

For each license plate sold, our Foundation receives a $25 donation. These donations have contributed $9,500,000 to 217 projects in Florida, benefiting 47 species in our state, since 2000.  Its new design features a Florida black bear, several native Florida birds, and an iconic Florida wetland scene. The striking teal, orange, and green colors will ensure your vanity plate looks nothing like any other on the road.

Already have a CWT plate and want to show it off? Tag us in your own selfie with your plate on social media! Let us know why you chose the CWT and what conservation in Florida means to you, and we’ll repost you.

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