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Living Shoreline Restoration Project Announced for Titusville Causeway

Perched at the entrance to the NASA Kennedy Space Center and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Titusville Causeway of Brevard County is a frequented means of travel for wild Florida enthusiasts and a popular viewing spot for shuttle launches. But years of weather damage have taken a toll on the shoreline of the causeway. Rising sea level, major storms, and wave activity caused destabilization of the picturesque three-mile causeway, restricting recreation for tourists and locals. The degradation of the shoreline has also negatively impacted fish and wildlife in Indian River Lagoon.

View from Titusville Causeway. A new project has been announced to restore the weather worn shoreline of the popular road in Brevard County. A comprehensive project recently broke ground to restore the damaged southeast shoreline of the Titusville Causeway. The project involves constructing an innovative nearshore breakwater reef, planting nearly five acres of seagrass, and introducing one million clams to create a living shoreline. These efforts are expected to significantly reduce wave energy, protect critical habitats, and improve water quality.

The project, estimated to cost $4.2 million and the first of its kind in the state, has been engineered and designed by DRMP in collaboration with Sea & Shoreline, a frequent partner of the Foundation on many seagrass/eelgrass projects, Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department, St. Johns River Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Senator Debbie Mayfield, and the Tourist Development Council. In line with the Foundation’s many seagrass and eelgrass restoration projects across the state, we contributed $525,000 to support the project, thanks to donors Fox Rock Foundation and Florida Power & Light.

This initiative not only aims to restore the ecological balance but also to enhance recreational opportunities and boost the local economy. By safeguarding this vital shoreline, the project will ensure that the area remains a thriving habitat for wildlife and a cherished destination for residents and visitors alike.

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