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Gordon L. Nelson, CPA, CFP® is a planned giving specialist. Want to get your questions answered? Write him or call him at 435.213.9986.

June 2024


Dear Gordon,

I’m managing a donor advised fund and I’m wondering if the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is qualified to receive grants from me? As someone deeply invested in conservation efforts, I want to ensure my contributions are going to the right places.

DAF Decider

Jupiter, FL



Dear DAF Decider,

Absolutely! The Foundation is indeed a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, making it eligible to receive grants from donor advised funds (DAFs). These funds are a fantastic way to streamline and simplify your charitable giving. Simply inform your DAF sponsor that you’d like to make a grant to the Foundation, and they will handle the transfer. If you have a specific project or area of our mission you’d like to support, please let us know so we can direct your generosity accordingly.

On the topic of DAFs, another important consideration is planning for the future of your fund. What happens to your DAF after you’re gone? It’s crucial to create a succession plan to ensure your wild legacy lasts. Without direction, remaining funds might become what’s called an “orphaned donor advised fund,” where the sponsor organization has the freedom to allocate funds to charitable causes at their discretion. To prevent this, you can:

  • Appoint one or more successor advisors to take over your DAF.
  • Distribute remaining funds to new donor advised funds.
  • Recommend specific charities for final grants, like the Foundation, to utilize the entire fund balance.
  • Set up a program of recurring grants, similar to an endowment.
  • Transfer assets to a “field of interest fund” managed by your DAF sponsor, which makes grants within specific categories.

I recommend checking with your DAF sponsor to explore these options and ensure your charitable intentions are honored.

If you have more questions or need further assistance with your donor advised fund, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help you manage your DAF effectively and ensure your philanthropic goals are achieved.


Warm regards,

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