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This plate benefits the coastal and estuary research and conservation programs of both our Foundation and the nonprofit Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute. If keeping Florida’s offshore waters clean and full of fish and other marine life are important to you, this plate is the one for you.

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The cost of your new license plates is a new plate fee of $72.40, which includes your annual registration fee ($25.00 of this fee will go directly to the Foundation). You do not need to be a resident of Indian River County to submit your order.

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$1,259,248 in conservation efforts


marine species like Florida’s coral reefs, mangrove forests, estuaries, and near-shore habitats


to 40 marine restoration projects

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Remember when you wore your heart not only on your sleeve, but on your rear bumper? And trunk? And rear window? Those days may be over, but...

Your car can still help save the planet.

Just purchase one of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s conservation license plates online below or at your local tax collector’s office. For every plate sold, $25 is donated for conservation.

Each of our plates has a slightly different focus. Choose the one that best meets your passions. It’s not a small thing – we receive more than $1 million each year from these donations, funds that we and our partners use to conserve Florida black bears, wading birds, and many other species. We also use these monies to protect and manage new wildlife lands and waters and provide kids with formative outdoor experiences.

So, the next time you renew or order a plate at your local tax collector’s office, make it one of ours — even if you no longer drive a Beetle.


This plate benefits the coastal and estuary research and conservation programs of both our Foundation and the nonprofit Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.

Limited grant funds are available. Letters of interest can be emailed to the Grants Program Administrator.


Project Name Grant Amount
Dolphin by Drones $17,744
Right. Whale Festival Sponsorship $1,000
ShORE Symposium Sponsorship $500
FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management Leadership Training for 2023 $8,500
Gray FishTag Research $10,000
2022 Marine Turtle Permit Holder Meeting Sponsorship $2,500
American Association of Zoological Parks & Aquariums Coordinator Travel $10,000
Universo Marino Lionfish Tournament Sponsorship $2,000
Underwater Reef Observation Project at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park $27,119
Snook Symposium $5,000
Repeatability Study of Manatee Mortality $5,000
Red Tide Sampling Bottles $5,400
Take a Kid Fishing $5,000
Broward Co. Coastal Water Monitoring $5,000
Tagging Study -- Snook $7,500
B&A Guide -- Apalachee Bay $10,000
Team OCEAN - Eastern FL Panhandle $6,966
Team OCEAN - Cedar Key $5,900
B&A Guide -- Nature Coast $5,000
Science in the Sea $10,000
Support for Necropsies - Stranded Right Whales $6,000
Marine Hatcheries Initiative $30,000
B&A Guide -- St. Johns/Flagler County $5,000
Evaluation of Reef Fish Connectivity - Dry Tortugas $8,500
Bringing the FWC Mission to the FL Keys Classroom $7,500
Shorebird Recovery $8,000
FWC LE Field Guide to Marine Life $20,000
B&A Guide - Treasure Coast South $5,000
Common Snook movements across the Boundary of the KSC Estuarine Reserve $10,000
Perception of climate change risk and adaptation strategies for wildlife species and habitats in the FL Keys $30,200
Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative $543,497
SYCC Classroom Furnishings $300,000
Coral Reef Forum Sponsorships $12,402
AZA Husbandry Leadership team $1,500
Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project Coordinator $20,000
Right Whale Festival Sponsorship $1,000
Loggerhead Marine Center Floating Classrrom Sponsorship $25,000
Gray FishTag Program $15,000
REEF SMILE Project $20,000
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Protecting Wild Florida Begins With You.

Protecting wild Florida begins with you. From Pensacola Bay to Key West, our Foundation is working to protect Florida’s natural lands and waters and the wildlife they harbor.

Help ensure future generations can experience wild Florida by donating now.



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