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Capturing Wild Florida through His Lens

OUR HOME – Old Florida by Alan Maltz

Fine Art Photographer Alan Maltz always had an eye for beauty, no matter the location or subject. But while visiting the Florida Keys from upstate New York, he knew his heart had found its home. Literally. He visited the residence of then-President Nixon’s helicopter pilot, had a deep understanding that he belonged there, and three months later it was his. Over 40 years later he still calls the same house home.

Helicopter pilots and wildlife photographers weren’t the only adventurers drawn to Alan’s home. About a decade prior to his purchase, it hosted ocean exploration royalty, Jacques Cousteau and his son Philippe. The Cousteaus were visiting to meet escaped Navy dolphin Dolly, who had become friends with the residents. The Cousteaus were so struck by her that she was included in their book about dolphins.

Prior to visiting the Keys, Alan had experience photographing wild animals for the Wonders Of book series. Now living so close to wildlife only further ignited his passion for nature. In particular, he is drawn to birds, as his series on egrets, herons, pelicans, and more can attest to.

And with 480 new images being released this month, there are plenty of opportunities to witness how he translates the beauty of nature into a timeless image. A new website is also coming soon, in addition to his sixth book, Old Florida: An Artistic Interpretation, next fall. If you want to bring wild Florida into your home, your purchase will also help fund our conservation work.

Valid through December 12th, Alan is offering a 50% discount site-wide on all images printed on aluminum or canvas (framed or unframed). The first 20 orders will receive a complimentary 12in x 18in piece of art printed on aluminum valued at $1,450. To place your order, please call Alan S. Maltz Gallery at (305) 294-0005 or email. Just mention the Foundation to receive your 50% discount. In addition to bringing wild Florida into your home, your purchase will help fund our conservation work.

Alan has been a dedicated conservationist as long as he’s been a photographer, and we’re proud to partner with him to conserve the Florida habitats and wildlife he so vividly and beautifully captures.

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