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FHF Is All A-Bat Florida’s Bats

Florida is home to 13 native bat species, including the critically endangered Florida bonneted bat. Sadly, their reputation does not reflect how beneficial they are to the environment. They serve critical roles worldwide as insect pest controllers, pollinators, seed-dispersers, and fertilizers. Across the United States, bats save the agriculture industry billions of dollars per year.

However, Florida’s bats are facing many challenges, including the loss of natural roosting sites in trees and caves. Our Foundation was proud to provide a grant to the non-profit Future of Hunting in Florida to construct a bat condominium to provide housing for Florida’s invaluable bat population.

The majority of the $12,830 grant, courtesy of our Wildlife Foundation of Florida license plate, was used to support outings for new, youth, and veteran hunters at FHF’s two leases. A small portion of the grant was also used to erect two bat houses at these locations in Levy and Liberty County, providing roosting habitat. FHF is hopeful that the condo will open a conversation with hunters about the ecological and economical importance of bats and inspire an appreciation for their species.

The structures, built over two weekends by Boy Scouts, are capable of housing over 3,000 individuals. Since construction in the fall of last year, the local bat population has already taken up residence in their new homes.

To support grant work like this, purchase our WFF license plate. If you’d prefer to support Florida’s bat populations through direct donation, consider a donation to our Florida Bat Fund.

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