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The Importance of Conservation

By: Nicole Forsgren

Each individual activity has an impact on the health of the planet. Did you know that shortening the duration of your shower by just five minutes can save 25 gallons of water? When you brush your teeth, do you shut the faucet off? On average, 2.5 gallons of water leave the faucet with each passing minute. If your car is covered in dirt and bugs, consider bringing it to the car wash where the water is recycled. When the weekly grocery shopping is due, remember to bring along reusable bags. Some researchers believe that the constant use of reusable bags could reduce the disposal of plastic bags by 20,000.

The Florida Aquarium created the Center for Conservation in Apollo Beach to respond to the challenges of marine pollution and resources loss. Donated by Tampa Electric Company (TECO), the new 20- acre campus benefits sea turtles, corals, sharks, and rays. Rescue and recovery efforts will be strengthened while new research is conducted. The Florida Aquarium has been at the forefront of innovative responses to issues, like their response to coral loss or seadragon survival. You can read more about their recent work here. In addition to the small changes you can make each day to help, please consider donating to support our work and the work of our friends at The Florida Aquarium.

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