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Protect Your Legacy During Make-A-Will Month

Do you have a will? Is it up-to-date? Will your property transfer smoothly to your desired beneficiaries and causes?

Despite the importance of having a will (or trust), many Americans never get around to drafting one. For those who do have a will, it was usually drawn up many years ago and hasn’t been looked at since.

Make-A-Will Month is the perfect time to review or create your wild legacy. No matter the size of your estate, everyone needs a plan for the future. Benefits include:

  • Giving you the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and testimony to share your core values and beliefs with your loved ones.
  • Providing an appropriate inheritance that meets the needs of people and causes important to you.
  • Minimizing interpersonal conflicts and maximizing a positive impact on family and others.
  • Directing the selection of a guardian for your heirs who are minors.

Your will is your way to protect your loved ones, ensure your wishes are honored, and make a lasting impact. And thanks to our partnership with FreeWill, making your will has never been easier. FreeWill’s free estate planning tool is a simple way for you to create your own will during National Make-A-Will Month.

To make the process easier, we’ve partnered with FreeWill, an interactive online will maker. To help answer any questions you may have, Gordon Nelson, a Planned Giving Specialist, has joined our team as well. He is available via email to provide personalized support as you start your planned giving and estate planning process.

Take advantage of Make-A-Will Month as an opportunity to secure your wild legacy and make a positive impact on the causes close to your heart. Your will is not just a legal document; it is a way to express your care for your loved ones and wild Florida, ensuring that you leave a lasting impact.

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