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Bill’s Buddy Paddles

The stillness of the water during a morning paddle is often accompanied by awe and an appreciation for wild Florida. ​Bill Redmon wants this experience to be accessible to all.

As president of Removing the Barriers Initiative, Bill is passionate about eliminating the obstacles that previously prevented people with disabilities from enjoying all our state has to offer. By partnering with Bill on his Nature For All — A Buddy Paddle Initiative, our Foundation has proudly provided $6,440 for lifejackets, back supports, and other safety equipment for these outings.

Buddy Paddles pair an experienced adult with a person with a disability, also known as Very Important Paddlers, that are unable to canoe without assistance. Bill and his team use 29-foot canoes, seating up to six pairs, along with a guide and a rescue paddler. Buddy Paddles are typically half-day excursions through lakes, streams, and spring runs, with frequent wildlife sightings. Program attendees discuss the importance of preventing environmental damage and how to interact with these sensitive ecosystems.

Inspiring good stewardship and advocacy for wild Florida starts with giving all access to its beauty. In total, our Foundation has provided $32,440 in grant monies to Bill and his team over several years to help make this goal a reality.

Interested in supporting work like this and more? Purchase our Wildlife Foundation of Florida plate!

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