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Florida’s Sea Turtles Benefit from Empty Beaches

By: Kyle Grammatica While COVID-19 keeps us at home, sea turtles are taking advantage of the empty shores. The beach shutdowns are giving our endangered sea turtle species more opportunities to nest, which could lead to a needed increase in population. Sea Turtle Nesting and Human Presence Researchers like Justin Perrault, Director of Research at […]

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Finding Nature Near You

By: Kyle Grammatica As we do our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve, you may miss enjoying the outdoors. Luckily, there are ways to experience Florida’s wildlife around your home! Creating a Backyard Refuge If you have a backyard, there are many opportunities to observe native species like birds, small mammals, lizards, and snakes. You […]

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Women in Science: FWRI’s Stephanie Schopmeyer

Scientist Stephanie Schopmeyer has always loved nature and being outdoors. Her academic career focused on the complexity of corals, leading to a position with NOAA as a coral reef ecologist in Hawaii. With NOAA she monitored the coral reefs around Hawaii and other Pacific Islands for changes in their ecosystems and overall health. She loved […]

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Women in Science: FWRI’s Brittany Barbeau

Marine Mammal Biologist Brittany Barbeau started her path to FWRI in Montreal, Canada while attending McGill University. Brittany joined Mote Marine Laboratory after college to work with their stranding investigation program, followed by a stranding technician position at the Virginia Aquarium prior to joining FWRI three years ago. Brittany’s primarily responds to injured, sick, and […]

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Women in Science: FWRI’s Dr. Jan Landsberg

Research Scientist Dr. Jan Landsberg has always had an inquisitive mind and an interest in biology. After completing her degrees in her home country of England, she worked in a fish disease lab in Israel. After a stop at the University of North Carolina, she began working for FWC over 30 years ago. Jan has […]

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