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Environmental Advocacy Through Art

Artist Geoffrey C. Smith is a sculptor, painter, and photographer who grew up in northern California surrounded by the art of nature. He fished for salmon in the Pacific Ocean, hunted ducks in San Pablo Bay, and constantly kept an eye peeled for the wildlife surrounding him. He also learned the nature of art at a young […]

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A Unique Home for Tampa Bay Birds

By: Kyle Grammatica Chris Cooley’s job is for the birds, literally! As the Director of Environmental Affairs for Port Tampa Bay, Cooley works to ensure the port and its tenants do not harm the Bay’s ecosystem, with a special focus on protecting migratory birds and their nesting habitat. With Cooley’s help, the port contributed to […]

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Florida Gators Study Florida Crocodiles

By: Kyle Grammatica A recent study by the University of Florida examined how Florida’s crocodiles have responded to changes in the Everglades ecosystem over the last 40 years. American crocodiles, and their relatives, American alligators, are keystone species that reflect the health of the entire ecosystem. “Crocodiles may look burly and resilient, and we think […]

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Shark GPS?

By: Kyle Grammatica Thanks to research from Florida State University, we now know more about how sharks navigate our oceans. Biologists exposed bonnethead sharks to magnetic conditions that simulated locations hundreds of miles south from where they were caught. The sharks responded to these conditions by swimming north in an attempt to return home. This […]

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Funding the Next Generation of Florida Conservationists

By: Kyle Grammatica Youth from Columbia County, Florida are getting involved in wildlife conservation thanks to a $4,500 grant from the Foundation. To foster the exploration of Florida’s wetlands, the grant helped establish a Suwannee River Ducks Unlimited Youth Chapter and a wood duck breeding program. As part of the program, the Fort White High […]

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