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Protecting wild Florida begins with you.

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect our outstanding animals and plants and the lands and waters they need to survive. We work closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and many other public and private partners. Since our founding in 1994, we have raised and donated more than $49 million for conservation and outdoor recreation, including youth outdoor education.

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Among the wide array of conservation and outdoor programs we support, the following five initiatives are the most urgent.

Getting Kids Back to Nature

We’re the state’s largest private funder of outdoor education and recreation programs for children and teens, supporting FWC and some 350 partner organizations providing transformative outdoor experiences annually to more than 284,000 Florida youth.

Combatting Invasives

With our subtropical climate, Florida is an unfortunately ideal place for many non-native species to become established. We are working to control Burmese pythons, lionfish, Brazilian pepper, Lyngbya algae, and other invasives. 

Restoring Our Reefs

Coral reefs are central to the health and diversity of our oceans. Florida’s Coral Reef, the largest in North America, has suffered many stresses in recent years, from extremes of temperature that can kill coral, excess salinity, invasive lionfish, the mass die-off of sea urchins that keep the reef clear of algae, and now stony coral tissue loss disease. 

Conserving Florida’s Wildlife

Ensuring future generations can experience Florida in all its biological diversity is a priority for our Foundation. We work to conserve native species and natural communities. 

Preserving Our Outdoor Heritage

We’re working to attract a new generation of men and women to traditional outdoor recreation, from hunting and fishing to birding and boating.

Our specialty license plates help fund grants on these initiatives and more, including springs initiatives.

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Protecting Wild Florida Begins With You.

Protecting wild Florida begins with you. From Pensacola Bay to Key West, our Foundation is working to protect Florida’s natural lands and waters and the wildlife they harbor.

Help ensure future generations can experience wild Florida by donating now.



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