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Adopt a (Plush) Florida Panther

By: Kyle Grammatica

Get close and cuddly with Florida’s iconic big cat! Adopting a plush Florida panther is a fun way to introduce the young and the young-at-heart to the endangered animal. When you adopt a panther, you will receive a plush, an official adoption certificate, and information about conservation efforts. These ultra-soft panthers are a perfect gift for any Florida fanatic or wildlife lover three years old or older.

Your symbolic adoption helps us protect Florida panthers and other iconic wildlife, ensuring that they continue to grace wild Florida. We fund panther-related projects, like the location and protection of panther dens and kittens, research into feline leukomyelopathy, tools to treat animals hurt in car collisions, and rehabilitation facilities. We partner with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and others to conserve one of North America’s rarest and most beautiful animals in addition to other iconic Florida wildlife.

About Florida Panthers

Panthers are solitary, elusive animals and are rarely observed in the wild. Much of what we learn about panthers comes from their tracks, scrapes, scratches, feces, and prey remains. Panthers are carnivorous, preying upon deer, wild hogs, raccoons, and various other small animals and requiring large areas to roam. During the 1800s and early 1900s habitat loss and hunting led to the panther’s near extinction. By the mid-1980s, only 20-30 panthers could be found in the wild and this small population was found to be highly inbred. Through consistent conservation efforts, their numbers have increased, and the population’s genetic health has improved. While the panther has made a substantial recovery from near extinction, it remains an endangered species. With your $35 symbolic panther adoption, we can continue the fight for its conservation.

Get your Florida panther plush now!

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