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Beers for Manatees

Do you ever wish helping Florida’s manatees was as easy as sipping a refreshing IPA? Boy, do we have great news for you!

Our Foundation has teamed up with World of Beer Bar & Kitchen to help make beer drinking for manatee conservation a reality. When you savor their Secret Llama beer at a corporate location, $1 from your purchase will help us plant seagrass in the Indian River Lagoon.

Secret Llama is an Imperial Hazy IPA brewed with 2-Row and Flaked Oats, and dry-hopped with Cashmere and El Dorado. Embodying flavors of lemon, lime, and tropical fruits, it showcases a smooth bitterness and a subtle herbal bouquet. Secret Llama is World of Beer’s proprietary line created with Brew Hub in Lakeland.

In 2021, FWC recorded 1,101 manatee deaths, many due to starvation. Nutrient runoff and pollution have created toxic algae blooms that choke out aquatic plants like eelgrass and seagrass. Now all that remains are food deserts for an animal that typically would consume almost 10% of its body weight per day.

By replanting this seagrass at 10 sites along Florida’s east coast, our Foundation hopes to improve manatee feeding grounds, water quality, and habitat for hundreds of other species.

Check out the maps below to find the closest corporate WOB location near you! Not able to join us for a pint? You can still support our replanting efforts by making a donation to our Marine Mammal Fund.


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