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Dazzling Conservation Ambassador Meghan White

In the heart of north Florida lives a passionate advocate for Florida’s wildlife: Meghan White, a student at the University of Florida majoring in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation and the newest member of our Conservation Ambassador Program.

As a member of the Florida Gator Dazzlers, the University of Florida’s official dance team, Meghan has a large platform. Luckily for wild Florida, she uses it to inspire the next generation of conservationists.

As an ambassador, Meghan encourages her social media followers to purchase our Foundation’s Conserve Wildlife license plate. Revenue generated from this specialty plate directly contributes to funding critical projects focused on preserving Florida’s endangered species like the Florida grasshopper sparrow and eastern indigo snake, restoring habitats, and supporting conservation education and research.

“Being a sixth generation Floridian, helping save Florida’s natural world is very important to me,” shared Meghan. “Now that this passion is paired with an education on conservation, I feel more empowered and eager to do my part to save wildlife, habitat, and ecosystems in Florida and beyond.”

As part of her coursework, Meghan learned the importance of prescribed burns to Florida ecology. (See featured image above.)

We’re grateful Meghan has decided to share her voice and talents with amplifying the Foundation.

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