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Allie Sides was born with a little bit of Florida magic. A native of Tarpon Springs, she grew up pulling mangoes and oranges off trees at her grandparents’ house on Merritt Island whenever she needed a snack. Her childhood was filled with swimming alongside manatees, playing with horseshoe crabs, and watching porpoises frolic. Her family would wake up early in the morning to soak in the sun sparkling on the water and stay up at night to catch the night-bloom cereus flower.

She infuses her labor of love, Leatherback Naturals, with these memories. Each product not only carries her creativity but also a story; the names are inside jokes only a Floridian would appreciate, like the “Snowbird” candle. And she brings an early education in holistic healing to her work, using only natural, sustainably sourced ingredients.

When you buy a Leatherback Naturals product, you’ll also support the Foundation; 10% of proceeds from every sale is donated to us. “I knew I wanted my work to support conservation, particularly our ocean,” said Allie. “I’m thrilled to partner with the Foundation to conserve our unique wildlife.” Leatherback Naturals is still in the start-up phase, with plans to expand soon into new products. Shop now to bring some Florida magic into your home and support conservation at the same time!

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