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INVERSA Leathers is at the forefront of supporting and removing invasive Burmese pythons from Florida, namely by sponsoring the 2023 Florida Python Challenge. This year’s contest brought 1,050 participants from 35 states (and Belgium!) to the Everglades, successfully removing 209 of the invasive snakes.

The regenerative materials company sponsored the ultimate grand prize of $10,000 this year, but their involvement extends beyond financial contributions. INVERSA actively collaborates with conservation organizations, researchers, and government agencies to work hand-in-hand toward innovative and sustainable invasive species control. For our A Night For Nature 2023 gala, INVERSA donated two Piper & Skye x INVERSA mixed leather bags using invasive python leather as auction items, raising over $2,000 for native wildlife conservation.

Burmese pythons are native to southeast Asia and one of the largest species of snake found in the world. Due to their large size, Burmese pythons have very few predators, with alligators and humans as exceptions. They have quickly overtaken the Everglades and are drastically reducing native species. INVERSA’s work doesn’t stop with pythons; they also source materials from the invasive lionfish, which plague Florida’s Coral Reef, as well as the invasive Dragonfin carp from the Mississippi River Basin.

By promoting awareness about the issue through their fashion products and marketing campaigns, INVERSA engages consumers in the conversation about invasive species and ecological restoration. Their commitment is rooted in their dedication to both conservation and responsible fashion. By sourcing python leather, they are transforming a problem into a solution, serving as a model for how fashion and conservation can come together to address environmental challenges and regenerate biodiversity and nature.

Join INVERSA in the fight against invasive species by clicking here to learn more and donate today.

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