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Our Year in Numbers

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the amazing work we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to countless partners, including you. Check out our 2022 year in numbers:

Over 500 Florida grasshopper sparrows

Through our partnership with USFWS, White Oak Conservation, and FWC, the conservation breeding and release program for endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows successfully released over 500 birds.

202,000 pounds of lettuce

FWC announced it will continue the supplemental feeding trial for starving manatees in November. Last year, our Foundation purchased 202,000 pounds of lettuce for the program. This winter we’re nearly doubling the goal to 400,000 pounds without doubling the grocery bill.

100 FWC employees

Hurricane Ian left thousands of Florida residents reeling in its wake. Our FWC Employee Assistance fund supported those FWC employees left without housing, food, and water. Additionally, we feed dozens of FWC first responders hot meals while they were out on search and rescue missions.

58 recurring donors

Our Marine Mammal Fund is critical to manatee rescue and rehab across the state, as well as our efforts to replant marine vegetation in the Indian River Lagoon. Our recurring donors make it possible to provide needed funds as quickly as possible.

231 pythons

Over 1,000 participants competed in the 2022 Florida Python Challenge in hopes of winning cash prizes provided by our Foundation. The event resulted in a total of 231 invasive pythons removed from our delicate Everglades.

18 coral species

The Florida Coral Rescue Center in Orlando currently houses 18 species of corals for breeding and transplanting back out onto Florida’s Coral Reef in response to stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD). The first-of-its-kind project is made possible by our Foundation, Disney Conservation, SeaWorld Rescue, and more.

These benchmarks are just a fraction of the work being done to conserve Florida’s wildlife and habitats. Thank you for being a supporter of our Foundation and making this work possible. If you’d like to join our efforts, consider an end-of-year gift to restore our coral reefs, conserve native species, or get kids back to nature.

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