Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida
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Robert A. Spottswood, Jr.

Board Member Spotlight

Following a law degree from NOVA Southeastern University in 2014, Spottswood has worked at the intersection of the law and real estate, including environmental resource permitting. In addition to his current position as president at Spottswood Management Inc., he serves as their general counsel and partner at Spottswood, Spottswood, Spottswood & Sterling, PLLC in Key West.

“I am thrilled to join the board and further my father’s work of conserving nature and outdoor recreation in Florida,” Spottswood said. “I am committed to ensuring that my daughters have the same formative experiences I did growing up in the Keys. I want them to be able to dive around healthy corals, marvel at manatees and fish from abundant fisheries. Keeping Florida wild is a family business, and I look forward to working with the Foundation to do so.”

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