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Take a Unique Trip to Key West

By: Kyle Grammatica

Relax by the pristine waters off Key West, sip a cold drink, and enjoy the gentle rumble of the waves after spending the day on a private fishing charter. If that sounds like an ideal vacation to you, then bid in our A Night for Nature auction from November 30th at 7am to December 5th at 10pm!

Keys Coral Reef Excursion

Our Keys Coral Reef Excursion is an adventure-filled, two-night trip to Key West for four. Stay at the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel in two luxurious suites with a waterfront pool and private tanning beach. The trip includes a free shuttle downtown and complimentary dinner thanks to Foundation Board member Kathy Barco.

On the second day, embark on a private six-hour offshore fishing charter with Captain Mendola from Far Out Fishing. Captain Mendola has over 25 years of experience fishing and diving in Florida waters. Enjoy being out on the water while targeting big gamefish like mahi, wahoo, tuna, and billfish.

On the third day, spend half a day on a snorkel trip guided by two FWC Biologists. Start at an in-water coral nursery to learn how corals are grown and finish the day snorkeling at two reef locations.

Other meals and gratuity are not included. Summer and early fall typically are best water conditions for provided excursions. The Keys Coral Reef Excursion has a fair market value of $3,500 and bidding is set to start at $1,750 when the auction opens on Monday, November 30th.

About Florida’s Coral Reef

Florida’s coral reef is a critical part of our ocean ecosystem. Hundreds of species rely on coral reefs for food and shelter. In fact, while they represent only one percent of ocean habitats, they serve as home, protection, and spawning grounds for a fourth of all marine life. They also regulate carbon dioxide levels in the water and prevent shoreline erosion by mitigating the effects of offshore currents and hurricanes.

By winning our Keys Coral Reef Excursion, you’ll not only get to experience the incredible biodiversity of the third largest reef system in the world, but will also fund its continued protection. The Foundation works to support a variety of reef conservation projects from funding coral research and rescues to fighting invasive lionfish populations. To support our work and snag some great deals, join in our A Night for Nature auction from November 30th to December 5th!

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