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Grants at Work: Sandspurs v. Black Skimmer

Sandspurs: the bane of the beachgoers existence. But an FWC study, in conjunction with Audubon and Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve funded by our Foundation, may prove these stickers are more than just annoying to humans; they could be cause for alarm for the black skimmer bird. The project

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Grants at Work: 2023 Bear License Plate Grants

Our Conserve Wildlife license plate is more than just a striking addition to your vehicle. $25 annually from each plate is used by our Foundation to benefit a wide variety of native Florida species and habitats, as well as confront invasive species like the Burmese python. Thanks to the generosity

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Grants at Work: Spring into Spring(s)!

While Florida conjures up images of pristine beaches and white sugar sand for people around the world, our freshwater springs are aquamarine jewels enjoyed by locals and tourists in the know. Springs tourism generates over $90 million dollars annually in the Santa Fe region alone. Some of Florida’s iconic wildlife,

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Eastern Dry Rocks Coral Rescue Mission

As Florida’s summer weather brought a devastating coral bleaching event to south Florida, researchers across the Florida Keys began scrambling to save our coral reef. To make matters worse, the marine heatwave doesn’t discriminate against its victims: naturally occurring or lab-grown, both coral types are at risk. In some areas

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Grants at Work: Florida Hunters for the Hungry Gives Back

With soaring food prices in 2022, many Floridians saw a much higher grocery bill than usual. For many it meant compromising their normal purchases, but for others it sadly meant going without. Luckily, Florida Hunters for the Hungry (FLH4H) was there to help. The nonprofit works with Florida's tight-knit hunting

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Grants At Work: Wetland Restoration of Rolling Meadows

To those who know Florida’s delicate ecosystems, the importance of wetlands should come as no surprise. These diverse paradises for native species like alligators, great blue herons, and waterfowl are known as “nature’s kidneys,” helping purify and filter the water that passes through them. The list of reasons why wetlands

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Protecting Wild Florida Begins With You.

Protecting wild Florida begins with you. From Pensacola Bay to Key West, our Foundation is working to protect Florida’s natural lands and waters and the wildlife they harbor.

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